Client Testimonials




●  I retained Sami Goel for a matter involving my insurance after a car accident, and he handled the matter entirely and without complication! All the while, I received timely updates from Sami Goel by phone, and was able to speak on the phone with him regarding all of my concerns and thoughts without being rushed. I would recommend Sami Goel 100% for any legal matter. He’s trustworthy, knowledgeable, and on your side. A+ experience!

– A.H.

● I have read the reviews for Sami Goel and could not feel more different. Each time I called to inquire about the status of my case, he was responsive and would patiently answer all of questions or concerns. Sami works hard, has an aggressive approach, honest and easy to work with. I believe these are the qualities required to make a great attorney. I would refer him to anyone.

– R.M.

● I just wanted to say “Thank you!” to my attorney, Sami Goel. He did a great job of handling my automobile accident injury case. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional. I am SO GLAD to have found him! His office kept in constant communication with me and they were always there to answer any questions I had along the way. Their responsiveness was great (phone, email, text) and I could always get the assistance when needed. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case. I would highly recommend The Goel Firm P.C. to anyone looking for an experienced attorney.


● Thank you so much I would not have gotten this far mentally, and emotionally without you. Thanks for keeping me grounded, that is priceless.

– E.C.

● Sami Goel is by far the best attorney that I have worked with. I was referred to him by a friend, and he has quickly become my go-to guy for all of my legal needs, from contracts to personal injury. I first got to know Sami when no other attorney would take one of my cases. The key to Sami’s success is that he is trustworthy in a business where it is difficult to trust many people. He takes the case when he is confident he can have a great outcome. If he finds it to be outside of his area of expertise (which has happened once with me) – he refers you to the right person. I have had several other attorneys charge me exorbitant amounts of money for what amounted to be very little work. No matter the size of my case, he has been extremely responsive and available to answer my questions. Sami is very fair and he delivers. He has been a pleasure to work with.

– E.K.

● Sami showed a complete dedication for the formation of our business. He was absolutely responsive and trustworthy. He kept us informed with all the steps towards the completion of the business and even sometimes stayed very late at work to make sure he’s not missing any detail. Sami also answered all the questions we had since we just moved to the US and basically had no idea about how the system works. He referred us to a CPA, gave us his advise regarding car insurance, business insurance and merchant account services. He dedicated a lot of his time for us, and we are so grateful for that. We honestly could not expect more from him.

– J.N.

● I recently was hired for a new job, and needed a lawyer to read through my complicated employment contract. I contacted Sami Goel and told him about my situation. I forwarded my contract to him to review, and within 24 hours he contacted me back to review the contract. He was very detail oriented and patient. He went over all the important aspects of my document, and made sure I understood all the legal jargon. He was very thorough and made sure no detail was overlooked. He was able to negotiate certain clauses for better benefits and I could not be happier with the results. I really had an amazing experience with Mr. Goel and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs legal counsel.

– JA.K.

● I have never needed the help of an attorney before but after a car accident I was in need of someone to help protect my interests. Sami was recommended to me by a friend. I could not be happier. He took the time to first make sure that my needs were met both physically and with my vehicle. He took the time to explain everything that could be expected. As we proceeded he interceded on my behalf with the insurance company so I could focus on myself and get back to feeling better. He never gave me unrealistic expectations but was very honest about what the outcome might be and in the end it was just as he had explained. I hope to not need the services of an attorney in the future but if I do I will call Mr. Goel.


● Sami Goel took on my grandmothers case after she had a terrible accident. I am pleased to say he did an outstanding job. It was hard finding someone to take the case as it was labeled “too difficult” by a few others, however, It was no challenge for Sami Goel. He was very aggressive with his approach and stayed persistent. He was always there to answer our questions and would go out of his way to have meetings with us just to keep us updated. Whenever I would email him he would respond the very same day, if not the same hour, which is something rare to find in a lawyer. I definitely recommend The Goel Firm to anyone looking for someone who won’t give up on their case no matter the odds. Thank you for being a great lawyer Sami.


● Mr. Goel is a very compassionate and responsible lawyer. Also a very hard working person. And he did a very good job on my mothers case I would definitely recommend him. First, as a good and caring person. Second, as a good lawyer who does his job the very best possible. He always answers your questions on time and he is a reliable lawyer that you can trust. Thank you so much I appreciate what you have done for my mother.